As a founder of a start-up, you know your business depends on your capacity to multi-task. As a leader of a growing team, you often find yourself wearing many hats —HR, business analyst, administrator and team motivator—just to name a few.

In fact, starting a new business has endless considerations. It can be easy to overlook your insurance needs, but this key aspect of protecting your idea, your product and your people is essential.

We’ve put together this quick guide to get you thinking about your key insurance needs. Just remember that, when it comes to insurance, it’s always better when you work with an expert. An insurance broker can tailor solutions that are as unique as your business—which can help you get back to doing what you love.

Professional Liabilities and Indemnities

It’s a known fact, accidents happen. Going into any type of business comes with some risks. Could your business bounce back if something unexpected happened right at your go-to-market moment? Protecting your reputation with your early adopters is essential to growing your business.

Your building and contents

Your angel or seed investor has helped you move out of your local coffee shop and into your very own office! Seeing your name on the door is a seminal ‘start-up’ moment. Ensuring you and your team are safe and protected on your new site should be your first consideration, even before you turn your key in the lock.

Disruptive business models

Your business has grown from an opportunity in the market. More and more, people are turning to disruptive businesses to solve their day-to-day problems. Your success is highly dependent on working within the bounds of regulations and legislation, balanced with your need to innovate to please your followers. In most cases, this means you’ll need specialist’s advice to ensure you’ve got your bases covered.

We’ve asked Raoul Barbon an industry expert, to weigh in on the considerations for start-ups. He says;

‘Start-ups provide incredible, new ways to look at the world. That’s why at Austbrokers Canberra, we have taken the time to consider how disruptive business models can be vulnerable in ways traditional business are not—and we’ve gone about finding the best solutions for our innovative clients.’

Got you thinking?

These considerations are just the beginning. Your needs are going to be as unique as your business itself. Your business is going to take off—fast. By partnering with a respected broker, you’ll find the most efficient ways to keep growing.

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