Recently, we saw something terrible happening across Australia: our very fruit supply being sabotaged by an unidentified threat. Large supermarkets pulled strawberries from their shelves, just as the peak season for the fruit was about to commence.

It sparked ‘copycats’ who attacked bananas and apples, too.

This was more terrible news for our farming community, on the back of what has been one of the worst drought seasons on record. It has highlighted the unpredictability and variability of the many threats that today’s businesses are facing.

Cyber-attacks, global terrorism, droughts, and now random attacks on our food supply are just some of the real challenges our industries face today.

Whilst the internet delivers many incredible benefits to business, it can create a network and platform for those who seek to do harm. When compounded by shifts in our climate, unpredictability is becoming a greater threat than ever before.

In these challenging times, we want to take a moment to remind our clients of the support our team can provide.

Talk to your broker.

Our expert brokers are industry specialists who can give you a measured assessment of what threats may arise, along with important insights into the trends they are seeing in claims.

Our knowledge of different policies and types of cover give you peace of mind for what you can and can’t claim, should an issue arise.

Being prepared is key, so ask us about Business Disruption, Cyber Insurance, or Fleet Insurance.

Don’t just renew—reassess.

Often businesses stick to the types of insurance they’ve always had. But, this doesn’t account for how your business, or your industry, is changing.

When it’s time to renew your insurance, ask your broker about your combination of cover, and whether all your needs are still being met.

We’re here to listen, and advise.

Tell us about your business. How your team has changed, whether you’ve added locations or are shifting to satellite offices, or remote or flexible working. As the very nature of how we work changes, different risks may arise. This may present an opportunity to scale back your cover. The only way our brokers can provide you with the best value is by knowing all of the various ins and outs of your operation.

You really can’t call us too often.

Sometimes clients feel as though they can only talk to us when their insurance is up for renewal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our expert brokers aren’t just here for you once a year, they are here for you every day.

As your business changes, we can help your insurance meet your changing needs. We’re here to help you stay informed about the different insurance products available for your business, along with additional types of cover that may interest you as you consider your own future plans.

We’re only a phone call away, and as an Austbrokers Canberra client, we’re always here to help you.

Need to talk to your broker? Call us now, on (+612) 6140 8100 or send us a message online.

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