Can you believe the festive season is almost here?

No doubt your team is submitting their leave applications, and Christmas party planning is high on the agenda. But before assuming that holiday mindset, a little planning and preparedness for your business can go a long way towards a peaceful Christmas.


Christmas can also be a happy time for those with crueller intentions. With fewer people around, the temptation for thieves to make merry with your equipment, computers or tools, can be too much.

Now’s a great time to remind staff to take extra care, especially as the office tends to become more relaxed. Be sure to lock up vehicles, keep tools and equipment packed away and out of sight. Taking that extra care and attention when travelling with laptops or smartphones, are other simple steps we all can take.


There are many ways a party can sadly turn sour. And alcohol coupled with a festive spirit can sometimes be a terrible mix. By putting a little thought into planning, whilst providing a safe environment to celebrate, can help everyone really enjoy themselves.

Making sure staff are able to get safely home from the office Christmas party, and keeping alcohol consumption to moderate levels whilst supplying enough food and water to balance, is a great way to promote safe celebrations. It might also be worth reminding staff about appropriate behaviour.

Likewise, limiting time on the road at Christmas can help, as increased traffic and more risk-taking behaviour can cause an increase in accidents. Giving staff taxi vouchers for safe travel after celebrations can be a wonderful gift.

Watching your wallet.

With spending at an all-time high, Christmas can be a popular time for account or credit card fraud. Be sure to check your statements thoroughly, and have all of your employees document their expenses. This isn’t just good practice for your bookkeeping, but can alert you quickly to any unusual transactions.

If you suspect any foul play, be sure to contact your financial institution immediately. If staff travel for the summer, consider having them return work-related credit cards for safekeeping.

Check your Travel Insurance.

With more staff travelling, now’s a great time to check that you’ve got adequate cover in place for those who are mixing work and pleasure. Special activities, like skiing, may not be covered with a standard policy, and you’ll want to make sure staff aren’t left exposed, especially if they are travelling with expensive laptops and smartphones.

We don’t wish to sound like the Grinch, but a little reminder to take care as you’re planning your Christmas can go a very long way to a happy start to the new year.

Don’t forget your broker is only a call away, if you’d like to discuss any of your concerns.

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