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Any business that involves transport and logistics is burdened with risks that are unique to the transport industry. These risks can be a challenge to mitigate, unless you have an insurance partner who truly understands all the moving parts of your business.

Austbrokers Canberra, we pride ourselves in specialising in providing comprehensive insurance coverage for the Transport and Haulage industries. With years of experience in providing a diverse, yet tailored range of insurance products and services to your industry, our team has the technical knowledge and a solid understanding of the business context to swiftly and effectively identify all risks faced by your business.

With our consultative approach, we can identify all the key areas of exposure for you and your business, and we can develop a customised program to cover you, from such areas as:

  • Damage to vehicles, machinery, plant and other commercial assets
  • Fleet management strategies, Financial and Business operations
  • Caring for yourself and your employees

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