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Sporting and Licensed Clubs

Safety for Culture, Community and Supporters

Sporting and licensed clubs are at the centre of Australian culture. As an operating club, you are in a unique situation. The environment you operate in is complex, with business and community relationships, as well as members and supporters, to consider.

Austbrokers Canberra is a proud supporter of local communities and clubs across the ACT, and our team has developed a range of specialised aproaches that can cater to your club's specific insurance needs.

Our insurance team will bring our expert knowledge, experience and understanding to your club’s particular requirements and situation. Austbrokers Canberra can help identify your biggest areas of concern and create a tailored, flexible insurance plan to protect you from the risk of your day-to-day operations.

To ensure the future success and growth of your club, Austbrokers Canberra can help you to think about:

  • Protecting assets such as equipment, property and vehicles against theft or damage
  • Understanding and preparing for health and safety requirements according to legislation, regulation and the sporting code or industry you operate in
  • Protect yourself, your members and your sponsors from potential risk

Make a play for security today

With competition, sponsorship and business at risk - don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your club’s future. Our team at Austbrokers Canberra will take a consultative approach to your insurance concerns, breaking down the complexities and creating a comprehensive risk management solution: helping you to feel secure that your insurance reaches as far as you need it to.

Contact Us today, to begin planning for peace of mind.