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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Protection for You and Your Clients

As a professional, lending your expertise to clients, your single focus is to meet their brief. However, humankind is not infallible: even with absolute attention to detail on all the projects you are juggling, errors can occur.

No matter what your industry, as a consultant or advisor, you can be left exposed to legal and financial claims, as well experience substantial damage to your reputation. This can be disastrous for your business and livelihood.

Austbrokers Canberra can prepare and secure your business, in order to protect you, and your client relationships, from any damaging turn of events. As a practising professional, you should consider protecting your business from:

  • An incident of professional negligence, leading to any form of damage or loss to your client or another party
  • Breach of contract, errors or omissions in the running of your business
  • Legal costs associated with any action taken against you

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Finding the right Professional Indemnity insurance can be complex, due to industry and legal requirements that may vary between jurisdictions throughout Australia. Our team at Austbrokers Canberra have a detailed, technical knowledge of the requirements associated with the specific industries within which our clients operate.

We’ll take the complexity out, so you can make the educated decision about obtaining the right insurance coverage for you.

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