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Five New Year Resolutions for Risk Management


Happy new year! At least, that’s what all business owners are hoping it will be. While as Insurance Brokers we can’t ensure your sales targets or your bottom line for the year ahead, what we can do is help you insure your risks, in the most tailored and cost effective way.

So, here are our new year’s resolutions that we can help you maintain throughout 2017.

1. Protecting your online exposure

Whether you do all, or just a small amount of business online, today every business is exposed to the threats of cyber risk. While we can’t protect your online presence, what we can do is help you select appropriate cyber risk cover for your exposure. Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the potential of cyber threats in damaging your brand, reputation and bottom line, so let’s make 2017 the year of cyber risk insurance.

2. Avoiding Underinsurance

According to Insurance Business Online, Asia Pacific clients are commonly underinsured in the areas of cyber risk, management liability and business interruption. Underinsurance is a real risk to Australian businesses, with exposures in any of these areas having the potential to financially cripple many. The only way to avoid underinsurance is to work with a specialist broker, who can appropriately advise adequate cover for your risk.

3. Taking stock of change

All too often a business grows, increases staff, locations, contractors or services, and the last person who finds out is your insurance broker. By taking a moment to take stock of where your company is today, your expert insurance broker can better match the insurance policy you need with your current situation. If your business has changed, its insurance needs will have also, and leaving your broker in the dark can leave you exposed.

4. Be Claim Ready

Have you downloaded our Austbrokers Canberra Claim App? If you haven’t yet, today’s the day to do so. By having our Claim App on your smartphone ready to go, you can get your claim underway quickly, easily and accurately, should you need to make one. Our app can help you capture photos, location and other key details that can assist in expediting your claim. When accidents happen, being prepared and ready to obtain the key details can make all the difference, so be sure to download our Claim App today.

5. Benefitting from an Industry Specialist Broker

If you’ve ever wondered what difference choosing a broker with an industry specialisation can offer your business, 2017 is the year to find out. We have brokers who’ve spent years advising risk management and insurance solutions for clients in industries with very specific needs.

Each of the above can be resolved confidently with the right advice and appropriate cover.

To make 2017 a Happy New Year, speak to your Austbrokers Canberra Broker, to find out how you can better protect your business. Speak to your Austbrokers Canberra broker today, to find out how we can better manage your business’s risk.


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